Kvinder i Finans (KiF) is a forward-thinking association committed to increasing the presence of women in the financial sector, with a particular focus on mergers and acquisitions. KiF is passionate about not only attracting talented women to the industry but also retaining them by providing a dynamic network of like-minded individuals that fosters both professional and personal growth.

KiF consists of dynamic network groups that meet monthly, creating an atmosphere that encourages open dialogue, collaboration, and personal development through presentations from seasoned professionals. These groups serve as a catalyst to boost motivation and drive among women in finance, and all network groups gather once a quarter, ensuring a positive environment in the industry.

KiF is also dedicated to inspiring more women to pursue careers in finance by influencing society's need for female talent in M&A and success comes not just from diversity but also from inclusion. To achieve this, KiF members invest their time in informing and mentoring motivated female students on the requirements and benefits of working in the financial sector. The mentorship program pairs selected KiF members with students, and other members attend relevant universities at the bachelor's level.

Established in 2019, KiF is always looking for relevant sponsors to collaborate with. If you have any queries or contributions, please don't hesitate to contact us at kvinderifinans@gmail.com

Founded by Merle Victoria Price & Nina Fisker Olesen. KiF is committed to propelling women forward in finance and creating a more diverse and equitable industry.

Joining Kvinder i Finans

If you want to apply to become a member of Kvinder i Finans, please contact us on kvinderifinans@gmail.com with a few words on your motivation and your LinkedIn profile. We only take in members who match our Membership Criteria, if your profile is not within this scope we are unfortunately not able to include you in the network at this stage.

We only take in new members once a year. Deadline for applying to the next season (starting September 1st 2024) is on August 10th 2024.

We put a lot of effort into matching the groups based on experience and professional background, and only include one member from the same company in each group to ensure open confidential dialogue. It is therefore possible that we cannot offer you a spot until we have new groups and you may be put on the long list for following season.

Membership criteria

We only take in members who work full-time in the financial part of the M&A industry, this includes;

  • Investment professionals (Family Offices, Private Equity, Infrastructure, Venture Capital)
  • Investment Banking / Corporate Finance
  • Leverage Finance 
  • Debt funds 
  • Financial Transaction Service
  • Asset management / pension funds (if sitting with FoF investments into PE / co-investments)

Unfortunately we do, at this stage, not accept members who work as: M&A consultants, M&A lawyers, investor relations, equity research, valuation, strategy, tax M&A, angel investors, other consultants/fundraising advisors, or corporate M&A professionals.