Kvinder i Finans (KiF) is an association that aims to increase the number of women working in the financial sector, primarily within the purchase and sale of companies. At the same time, KiF works to retain these women in the industry, by establishing a broader network of like-minded people, where women can develop both professionally and personally.

KiF consists of five network groups, each of which meets on a monthly basis. The groups create space for sparring and development, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge through professional presentations. The groups thus contribute to strengthening the incentive and desire to continue in the industry. All network groups meet once a quarter and thus help to improve the general environment in the industry.

KiF also focuses on influencing the societal need to get more female applicants to the financial part of M&A. KiF members will therefore invest their time in informing motivated female students about what a job in the financial sector entails. This is done, among other things, through a mentor programme with selected members of KiF, who act as mentors for the students as well as members who will be present at the relevant universities at bachelor level.

KiF was started in 2019 and is constantly looking for relevant profiles and partners. If you have any questions or input, feel free to contact us on: kvinderifinans@gmail.com.

Founded by: Merle Victoria Price & Nina Fisker Olesen 

If you want to apply to become a member of Kvinder i Finans, please share your information with us below